Here’s an updated list of wedding resouces for those who might need them =) I posted long ago on this topic and lots has changed since then.

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Monday’s Old Poetry: Starts

I’m starting a thing where I revive some old poetry from the archive of about 2004-06. It’s interesting how poems sound different when you’ve sort of forgotten what they’re about. I think I like them more now.

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I’ve been published in the January issue of Mindful Metropolis =) Read my article about detoxification and juice fasting!

Get a FREE copy of the magazine at most city news boxes. Or just check out the PDF here: http://digital.mindfulmetropolis.com/publication/?i=28902&page=1&p=20

Happy New Year!

Indie Reggae Pop

Check out Public Property y’all, still kickin from my college days =)

Another crafty article published by moi — check it out =)

How to Make Halloween Decorations with Everyday Things

Any good Halloween decorating tips out there?

ReDesign Numero Uno

A new look for my Tapestry of Life. Looks better, no?

The photo looks nicer than I expected it to as well… sadly it’s the last photo I took on my camera, back in early August for Dan’s bday. I’ve dug up the digi and plan to snap photos this weekend. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Dan will want to go to Milwaukee for a concert! Or perhaps we’ll retire to his condo with premarital counseling literature to read and college football to watch.

What’s on your plate for the weekend? Relaxation or Exasperation?

I leave you with a couple photos from the archive:

iowa-football herky-hawkeye


By Kristen Prosise, published in TravelHost Magazine September 2009

Enter with an open mind, the Art Institute of Chicago’s new modern wing that is home to over 1,000 works of art ranging from architecture and design to contemporary art, photography and European. Start outside, with easy access to the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, an ensemble might be performing on a lucky day. Take a stroll up the 620-foot bridge and arrive at the extension of the well-known, Art Institute of years past. However, this modern wing is different. New. Sophisticated. Fresh.

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